100% focused on fitness

We are the #1 fitness video production company for equipment-based workouts. We have expertise with more modalities and types of equipment than ANYBODY else.

Who we are

We are the leading LA-based production company for studio fitness content

We bring years of experience from different industries; Connected Fitness, Digital, TV & Music, combined to create the perfect fitness production specialist for your brand.

Driven by passion & steered by insight, we understand how to produce content that creates a powerful connection with your audience.

What We Do

Creating content to motivate & entertain users so they get the absolute best workout From your brand

From casting and music selection to live and on-demand filming and post production, we work with you to design branded, custom, motivating health & fitness content for your platform.

Production services

Talent Sourcing

With a proven track record for recruiting and signing top-tier talent, Fitscope houses an impressive roster of instructors.


Fitscope auditions and trains new instructors, ensuring consistently engaging performances that resonate with the end-user.


Any type of content can be produced at Fitscope and there is no end to a workout’s look and feel. Here the production possibilities are limitless.


Our Quality Assurance team carefully reviews every piece of content for audio levels, instructor performance, and shot selection.


The editing phase ensures that all notes are addressed and necessary graphics are created and added to enhance the fitness experience.


After editing, content is exported, delivered, and ready to be consumed by the at-home user.


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Commercial Subscription

Allows Fitscope classes to be used in a commercial gym or boutique studio (1 location) with up to 500 members. Multiple simultaneous users enabled. Lets Talk!

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