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Fitscope Announces Partnership With Fujian Yesoul Health Technology Company To Bring Interactive HIIT Classes To The Yesoul Sports App

In what seems like a natural collaboration, Fitscope, a fitness video producer and distributor, has joined forces with Yesoul Health Technology Company to introduce their fun and interactive HIIT classes to purchasers of Yesoul Connected Smart Bikes.

Los Angeles, CA – Aug 25th 2021, Fitscope Studio has officially announced their partnership with Yesoul Health Technology Company in an effort to expand their base and allow users of Yesouls Smart Connected Bikes to maximize the efficiency of their exercise equipment by using Fitscope’s HIIT classes. The Yesoul Connected Smart Bike S3 is currently on sale now on with a library of Fitscope’s on-demand studio classes accessible through the Yesoul Sport companion app. Fitscope’s classes are also available via their website and are not limited to just Yesoul members.

Fitscope Studio, based in Los Angeles, produces fun and motivational HIIT classes with the best trainers Los Angeles has to offer. From indoor cycles to treadmills, rowing to elliptical machines, Fitscope’s unique studio classes are designed to help everyone get the most out of their home gym equipment. Fitscope also offers Yoga, Pilates, and strength classes using just bodyweight or home gym gear like dumbbells, resistance bands and more. The on-demand Fitscope cycling classes range from 20 minutes to 60 minutes and are available in beginner, intermediate, advanced and low impact levels.

During a recent interview, Ed Stansfield, Fitscope’s Founder and President was quoted as saying, “We are excited about our newest collaboration with Yesoul for two main reasons. Firstly, it will allow the users of Yesoul Smart Connected Bikes to benefit from our interactive classes, and more importantly, due to the relatively low cost of the new the Yesoul S3 bike, more people will be able to afford it. The S3 is under $500 and the Fitscope classes are available for free to the purchasers of the S3 through the Yesoul Sports app.”

A new subscriber of Fitscope Studio, Oldtar, was recently quoted as saying, “Love this app, challenging workouts, motivating instructors! I have a Schwinn IC3 bike which is all I need. This app and a middle of the road bike is all you need for sweaty, high intensity workouts. No need for a 2k bike and the big “P” brand. Keep pumping out the content!”

To learn more about Fitscope’s fun and motivational exercise classes or to take advantage of their 7-day free trial, visit their official website at Fitscope Studio is available on the Apple App Store, Apple TV, the Google Play Store, and Roku.


Media Contact:

Fitscope Studio
Los Angeles, CA USA

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