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Refer A Friend and get 30 days FREE

Spread the word and get 30 days added to your subscription when a friend signs up.

            Just log into your account on and click "Dashboard." From there              select the "Invite A Friend" option, and follow the directions.

            Once your friend subscribes, we'll add 30 days to whatever type of subscription              you have - either monthly or annual. Do it as often as you like and the benefits                will accrue!


How does the referral link work?

The referral link includes a user-specific variable in the URL that stores a cookie in the browser for whoever clicks the link. If the user signs up within 30 days of the cookie being stored, the referral will be successfully linked.


When are the 30 free days added to an account?

The reward will be added 30 days after the first paid invoice. For example, if Louise referred her friend Tom and Tom signed up for a subscription, Louise would receive her reward 30 days after Tom paid his first invoice.


Can anyone use Refer a Friend to refer users?

To access the Refer a Friend feature and share the referral link a user must have an active subscription to receive referral rewards.


What plan durations work with referrals?

Users on all plans can receive referral rewards. The 30 days is added regardless of which subscription the referred user signs up on. If the referrer is on a yearly plan they'll still have 30 free days added to their subscription.


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