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Power Walk Your Way to a Big Booty

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Fitscope regularly receives messages and emails from customers asking, “How can I get a bigger booty with low-impact exercise? What is the best exercise for gains in the back?” It’s a sad fact that people like Kim Kardashian and JLO won the genetic lottery with their bodacious booties, but trust that they regularly work out to maintain what natured bestowed upon them. However, while nature may not gift those big booties to everyone, nearly anybody can obtain enviable results with the right workout routine.

With an assortment of exercises and machines available, it can be difficult for the booty deficient to find the right workout that gets them the results they want; however, with years of experience helping people get the body (and the booty) of their dreams, we are proud to say that there is an exercise that will work for almost anyone who tries it:

Power Walking.

Power walking is pretty self-explanatory; users walk. However, unlike that light walk around the block, power walking works up a sweat, and grows the booty, by providing a comprehensive, low-impact workout that works. The best way to power walk is on a treadmill, but if one isn’t hyper-focused on seeing results as soon as possible, power walking can be completed outside as well (if terrain allows for it). Read on to learn about how powerwalking can help anyone get their dream booty as well as other methods to add for a power walking plan that allows users to get a bigger booty both quickly and easily.


Pardon the vagueness, but there are two speeds users should strive for depending on their workout routine: maximum effort or 2-3 miles per hour. By utilizing both of these speeds in addition to incline control (more on that in the next session), users can get their dream booty sooner than ever.

To increase the glute power and get the most of a workout routine, interval training can be a godsend. Users who utilize this method (Fitscope recommends completing this at least twice a week) start their workout routine by warming up at an easy pace, usually 3mph at an incline of roughly 5%, for about ten minutes. This ensures the muscles are warm and primed for intervals with the incline providing a serious and short warmup for the glutes.

After the warmup, set the incline to zero and perform a 30 second sprint. Users will strive to run as quickly as possible while remaining safe. There is no set speed for how fast anyone should be running; it’s completely up to the person working out. As one becomes more fit, they’ll be able to increase the speed for more powerful results. After completing the sprint, users should reduce their speed to a comfortable pace, again at a 5% incline, for a minute. Complete the sprint-walk set 15 times.

For the cooldown, keep the incline at 5% while walking at 3mph for 5 minutes before reducing the incline to 0% for the last five minutes. This ensures the body has adequate time to recover while putting those glutes to work.


Treadmill incline simply means how steep the belt is set at. Most home treadmills won’t have an incline above 12% while professional workout equipment may facilitate a steeper incline, usually hovering around 40% (these treadmills are available for at-home purchase as well, but they tend to be rather pricey). When one increases the incline of their treadmill, they’re making their machine simulate walking up a steep hill. This shift makes the glutes muscles work hard by making most of the workout take place in the booty rather than in the legs like flat running/walking. The workouts on a steep incline tend to feel harder because so much is placed in the butt, even though they’re completed at a much slower pace than traditional running workouts.

For a pure powerwalk workout without running, look to stay at that 2-3 mph mark with an extremely steep incline—usually 15%. This will ensure the majority of the workout is completed in the butt rather than in the upper front thigh and calves (although they’re still receiving a powerful workout as well). Fitscope recommends completing this workout at least twice per week.

To begin, raise the incline to 10% for a 7-minute warmup at 3 mph. This prepares the glutes for a powerful workout by warming up those muscles found deep in the booty. For the remaining three minutes of the warmup, bump that incline up to 15% at 3 mph, making sure to take long steps throughout.

During the workout, practice interval training, going flat at a 0% incline and walking at 4-5 mph for 45 seconds followed by 45 seconds at 3 mph with a 15% incline. Complete these minute and a half sets 15 times. The booty is definitely going to feel the burn and be sore afterwards; however, look at it as growing pains. The main thing to do is make sure that one is using their butt during the workout instead of relying on the upper front thigh and to pump those arms during the 4-5 mph portion for a powerful power walking experience.

For the cooldown, put the treadmill work at an incline of 10-15% and walk backwards (holding the handrails is optional but recommended for safety). This allows a whole new angle for the glute muscles to work, allowing for an optimized and thorough glute workout. For the remaining five minutes of the cooldown, return the incline to 0% and walk at about 4 mph. Just like the previous workout, this cooldown allows the muscles to relax while still getting in one last push to the glutes for a bigger booty in no time.

Leg Position

Readers now have two thorough workouts to blast that booty and make it bigger than ever, but what about the legs? Proper leg position will ensure the booty is doing all the work, and there are a couple methods one can utilize when completing both workouts to ensure everything takes place in the butt.

The first is a high knee. By bring the knee up and squeezing the glute, exercisers can ensure the butt is receiving an extra workout. Don’t worry about completing this with every step either; instead, look to bring the knee up and squeeze on every 5th step, switching between legs to get a unilateral workout (no one wants a lopsided butt).

The second step users will want to incorporate is the squeeze. When walking, one foot is on the ground while the other is in the air. With the squeeze, users will squeeze the glute on the same side as the foot that’s touching the ground. This incorporates the pelvis and allows the glutes to do the work they’re supposed to do. Try to do a squeeze with each step when walking at a steeper incline (although anyone who can do it with every step throughout the workout is more than welcome to).

Other Tips

While incline, speed and leg position are going to give anyone a proper workout, the following tips can supercharge any power walking workout to ensure that results are seen sooner rather than later. By incorporating the following tips with a proper power walking workout, a bigger booty is just a few steps away.

Limit Cardio

We promise we’re not nuts or delivering conflicting advice with this one. While power walking is the prime cardio method to increase the booty, incorporating too much of other methods can make the butt smaller rather than larger because it causes the muscle tissue to break down. To make sure the butt is the prime focus for most workouts, incorporate power walking at some point during any completed cardio routines.

Eat Properly

Protein and fat are friends, not foes, so make sure meals have plenty of both. This doesn’t mean to gorge on French fries or 8-pound steaks at every meal, but ensure mealtimes are well rounded with both food groups. Muscles want and need protein to build while healthy fats let one keep those bountiful curves they’re striving for.

Utilize Strength Training

Squats, lunges, deadlifts and a host of other strength training workouts allow for the butt to receive a proper workout, so don’t ignore these exercises. Look to incorporate some weight bearing exercises in a power walking workout routine to get that little booty to grow into the bodacious butt of anyone’s dreams.

Power walking provides an excellent workout for those looking to lose weight, get fit and get a bigger booty as quickly as possible without spending hours on a machine. Want to vary your exercise routine and start working out as soon as possible? Fitscope offers online studio classes for power walking on the treadmill to make the butt bigger than ever, as well as old favorites like rowing machines, air bikes and ellipticals, to allow people to vary their workouts while obtaining maximum benefits. Click here to learn more and receive a free one-week trial.

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