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Max Trainer® for Beginners

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Combining the movements of a stair trainer and an elliptical, a Max Trainer® by Bowflex® is a perfect way to torch calories and get a dream body on one machine. Combining strength training with cardio, a Max Trainer® allows exercisers to kill two birds with one stone by receiving the health benefits of both workout types. This machine is perfect for anyone looking to get a comprehensive workout without spending thousands on a variety of machine types. Read on to learn more about the Max Trainer®’s benefits, how to get started and a simple beginner’s workout.



Cardio workouts allow exercisers to increase their oxygen intake which means they’ll breathe better in their everyday life and receive more oxygen every single time they breathe. This also means an increase in blood flow (hello better skin!) as well as healthier, happier organs due to the increase in blood supply. Finally, cardio torches body fat, leading to a leaner, healthier body that anyone will be proud to show off this swimsuit season, and the Max Trainer® works to help users lose weight in the shortest amount of time.

Full-Body Strength Training

Strength training builds up muscles, and the Max Trainer® is an excellent tool to get a strength workout that can’t be beat. It accomplishes this by making the user propel themselves with their own body weight (think of lunges) to give an excellent lower body workout. The core muscles are utilized to keep correct posture when using the machine while the handles allow users to get a solid upper body workout that can’t be beat. Finally, strength training raises the metabolism, meaning people will continue to burn calories even after they complete their workout.

Low Impact

Unlike running, jogging or jumping rope, the Max Trainer® facilitates low impact exercise. This means that the joints have less pressure placed on them. Instead of continuously pounding away like on a treadmill, the Max Trainer® allows the body to move in one fluid movement. This makes it perfect for those who want to exercise but are just starting out, have joint issues or are recovering from injuries.

Low Injury Risk

Due to the Max Trainer’s® design (more on that in a bit), the machine offers a very low injury risk. You’ll receive the high calorie burn and work out the same muscles associated with running or jogging while staying in the same position. The movements the machine puts the user in are completely natural as well, which puts less stress on the joints as well as preventing injury from poor form that can happen with other exercise equipment.

Great Design

Not only does the Max Trainer® look cool, it also features a compact design that takes up far less space than an elliptical. The solid, well-constructed frame facilitates a firm, stable workout that won’t cause one to rock from side-to-side or feel like they’re about to fall. Because it’s made by Bowflex®, it’s also completely customizable—something rarely seen in ellipticals or stair steppers—meaning that the whole family can create a profile tailored to their workout needs as well as allowing users to adjust the resistance to the levels they need to get the right workout for their body. Finally, the Max Trainer® is lightweight and nearly silent, which makes it perfect for those who live in an apartment or who may need to move the machine around the room.

Getting Started

Whether looking to purchase the machine or use the gym’s newest acquisition, it’s important to go in with a basic understanding of how the Max Trainer® works and how to use it the best of one’s ability.

1. Practice Correct Posture – Just like with every workout machine, the Max Trainer® requires correct posture to get the most out of the workout. Users should make sure their backs are straight and that the machine’ settings are set correctly to allow them to focus on perfecting their body’s position on the machine.

2. Choose the Right Resistance Level – All three of the Max Trainer® machines have a variety of resistance levels, and it’s important to use the correct level for one’s fitness level. It can be tempting to think that one should use the most intense setting to get the best workout, but this mindset can lead to injury and overexertion. By sticking to a lower resistance level for a few weeks, new users will become familiar with the machine and can ensure their posture is correct.

3. Don’t Utilize Circuit Training—At First – Pacing oneself is integral to sticking with any workout program, and circuit training can be a difficult plan for beginning exercisers. Instead, one should look to learn how the machine works and use it for a few weeks before incorporating more exercises with it.

4. Look at Stats – The Max Trainer® comes with a chest strap to monitor heart rate, so users know exactly how hard they are working. After working out, it’s a good idea to write down the heart rate and intensity during the workout to track how one’s heart rate lowers over the next coming weeks. The strap also allows one to train in their target zone, meaning that more calories are burned and even the most novice exerciser can train effectively. The console also includes workout time and calories burned that are perfect for tracking a workout’s intensity.

Beginner’s Workout

One thing most people notice when they first use the Max Trainer® is how quickly it tires them out. It’s not uncommon for users to complete only a few minutes on the machine, slowly building up to 14-minute stretches (don’t worry, experienced users commonly work themselves up to almost an hour). Here’s an easy 15-minute workout that can’t be beat!

Warm up – 1 minute

High Intensity Training – 30 Seconds

Low Intensity Training – 90 Seconds

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 eight times

Cool Down – 1 Minute


The Max Trainer® provides an excellent workout for those looking to have a strength and cardio routine rolled into one. Want to vary your workouts? Fitscope offers a variety of HIIT, treadmill, elliptical, yoga and many more exercise videos for those who want to get the best workout possible. Click here to learn more and receive a free one-week trial.

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