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Cycling Bootcamp: Benefits of Combining Cardio and Strength in a Workout

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

A proper workout regimen consists of both cardio and strength workouts; however, time constraints tend to lead to people choosing one primary method and slacking on the other. While all exercise is great for the body, those who regularly practice both strength and cardio workouts have better results and healthier bodies. By combining strength and cardio workouts (commonly called bootcamp or cross-training) into one workout session, one can experience the benefits of both methods without needing to choose which workout they’re going to complete. One of the best cardio workouts one can complete is cycling being it blasts away fat and provides a great strength workout while an excellent strength training method is the often-overlooked resistance band. Read on to learn about the benefits of cycling, strength training with a resistance band, combining both methods and a quick sample workout anyone can complete today.

Benefits of Cycling

Blast Away Fat – Cycling is continuously considered one of the best ways to blast fat simply because it can burn hundreds of calories an hour, especially when completed at a high intensity. Due to the cardio blast cycling provides, many people find that they are better able to keep their weight in check.

Low Impact – Because cycling puts so little stress on the joints, many people find they can workout harder and longer than they could on other popular cardio workouts (i.e. running). This means more calories burned without most of the side effects commonly associated with weight bearing cardio methods.

Strength Workout – When one cycles, they’re heavily relying on their legs and core muscles to practice proper form while exercising. This means they are receiving a great strength training workout for the lower body, including the calves, quads, glutes, hamstrings and abdominals. Powerful legs and a strong core? What more can someone ask for?

Heart Healthy – All cardio strengthens the heart and lungs by getting the blood circulating and increasing lung capacity, but many people find that they can work out more intensely on a bike to give these systems a supercharged blast that can’t be beat. This means one may lower their chance of heart attack, stroke and high blood pressure.

Great for Mental Health – The world is a stressful place, and cycling can help one deal with their every day lives just a little bit more. Due to the release of endorphins when using a bike, many find that their depression, anxiety and stress levels are reduced.

Benefits of Strength Training with a Resistance Band

Tone and Strengthen – Resistance bands are an excellent tool to tone and strengthen the body because they can provide an intense amount of resistance that makes the muscles work harder.

Low Impact – Resistance bands are an excellent workout tool for people with joint issues or those who are recovering from injury because they don’t place pressure on the joints like weights can. This means one can still receive a great strength training workout without worrying about joint or muscle pain.

Easily Adjustable – If a resistance band exercise isn’t providing enough resistance for one to receive a proper workout, the user simply needs to adjust the bands position to find the right position for their needs. This means no more stopping to adjust a weight as well as having the perfect amount of weight for one’s body every single time it’s used.

Great for Beginners – Resistance bands are one of the cheapest tools one can purchase when looking for new exercise equipment. Many find that they can receive a pack of five bands, all at varying strengths, for under $20 dollars to fulfill all their cardio needs. They also allow for people of all ages and fitness levels to receive a powerful workout.

Flexibility Training – Many people, especially those just starting out with a workout plan, find that they struggled with completing a full range of motion when utilizing weights. With a resistance band, one simply needs to find the proper resistance that still allows them to complete the full range of movement they need to complete the exercise. This can lead to better flexibility as well as working the muscles deeper than the person would with weights.

Combining Cycling and Resistance Bands into One Bootcamp Workout

Combining cycling with resistance band training allows one to receive a powerful workout than can lead to them getting their dream body in a fraction of the time that more traditional workout methods would allow. This method goes under a variety of names, including bootcamp and cross-training, but provides enviable results. When utilizing a bootcamp method, the body workouts harder for a shorter amount of time, meaning one receives all the benefits of both workout methods in a fraction of the time it would take to complete both workouts separately.

Sample Bootcamp Workout

The following workout can help you achieve the body of your dreams in just a few short minutes. Please note that the Rotations Per Minute (RPM) may seem low, but you will need to adjust your bike’s resistance to make sure you are pushing yourself hard with the exception of the warmup and cooldown.

Warmup – 5 minutes at 80-90 RPM

Pushups 20x

Band Squats 10x

30 seconds at 80 RPM, 30 seconds at 100 RPM – Repeat 4 Times

10x Arm Rows with band (per side)

15x Band Deadlift

3 Minutes at 70 RPM

10 Band Over and Backs

10 Arm Chest Presses (each side)

30 seconds at 80 RPM, 30 seconds at 100 RPM – Repeat 4 Times

10 Vertical Band Pull Aparts

10 Horizontal Pull Aparts

Cooldown – 5 Minutes at 60-70 RPM

Note: Do not attempt to work out with a resistance band while riding an exercise bike. This can lead to severe injury.


Combining your cycling workouts with your resistance band program provides an excellent workout for those looking to lose weight and get fit as quickly as possible without spending hours on a machine. Want to vary your exercise routine and start working out as soon as possible? Fitscope offers online studio classes for exercise bikes and strength training with resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, etc., as well as old favorites like rowing machines, treadmills and ellipticals, in addition to HIIT workouts to allow people to vary their workouts while obtaining maximum benefits. Click here to learn more and receive a free one-week trial.

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