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5 Best Budget Treadmills under $500

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Running, jogging and power walking are all great ways to burn fat and keep one’s body in amazing shape. Running and jogging torch body fat while power walking is an excellent, low impact way to burn a large amount of calories in a short amount of time. While all of these methods can be utilized outside, people can really push their workouts to the next level when they add a tread

mill to their fitness routine; however, treadmills can be expensive, and it may seem like a near impossible task to find a machine that’s both affordable and high quality. Luckily, Fitscope has got their readers’ backs, and compiled this list of the top 5 treadmills under $500. Say goodbye to outrageous gym fees and hello to high quality, at home workouts with these machines.

Ancheer is dedicated to providing machines that aren’t going to break the bank, and this 2-in-1 folding treadmill is a perfect example of the company’s dedication to quality. Featuring speeds up to 7.5 miles per hour, this treadmill is more than capable of giving the user a decent workout. The LCD display tracks the user’s time, distance, heart rate and pulse to ensure users know their stats. The 40×16 treadbelt is shock absorbent and high density, meaning users can have more comfortable runs that are lower impact. What really makes this machine standout from others is the watch control remote that allows users to change their running speed simply by pressing the button. Finally, while this treadmill does not offer incline options, its 2-in-1 design easily transforms it from a regular treadmill into a walking treadmill that can be utilized at desk or workspace for use while working.

Sunny Health & Fitness makes some of the highest quality budget exercise equipment in the industry and the SF-T7515 Treadmill is no exception. Users have their favorite technology right at their fingertips with the built-in speakers, Bluetooth capabilities and an AUX plug-in to stay connected and engaged with the world while they workout. The backlit monitor displays the user’s heart rate, speed, time, distance calories and incline to ensure they know exactly what they’re getting out of their workout. Unlike the previous treadmill on our list, the SF-T7515 features up to a 12% incline that’s adjusted with just the touch of a button on the display. Finally, the treadmill is both foldable and portable, meaning it’s perfect for tight spaces. At $499 at the time of writing, this treadmill is at the upper end of the budget, but with all the bells and whistles it comes with, it’s more than worth saving up for.

OMA aims to make at-home treadmills that one could easily find at their local gym, and this treadmill is no exception. Made of the same quality steel as one would find in a gym treadmill, this machine is guaranteed to be both safe and durable. Featuring a 15 minute installation time, it’s one of the easiest treadmills to put together that’s featured on this list. The 6-layer running belt features elastic cushioning to prevent slipping and make sure it’s better on knees. What makes this one so unique is the speed control handle that allows the user to adjust their speed with just a few clicks. Like most other treadmills, this machine tracks the user’s distance, heart rate, time and calories burned. The best part? This machine can reach speeds up to 8.1 miles per hour and features a manually adjusted incline that can go up to 4%.

  • MaxKare Folding Treadmill MaxKare treadmills are some of the most popular in the industry, and it’s easy to see why when someone uses this machine. Equipped with a large LCD display that showcases the user’s speed, calories, distance, time and heart rate, this machine looks much more expensive than it actually is. The powerful motor allows the users to reach speeds up to 8.5 miles per hour while the manual incline adjustment allows users to easily increase the intensity of their workout. Finally, the robust, stable and foldable design means users won’t deal with loud noises, have less impact on their knees when running or jogging, and can easily move the machine wherever they need it to go. At $370.00 at the time of writing, this machine is both affordable and look great.

Featuring speeds up to 8.5 miles per hour, this treadmill is designed with the serious runner in mind.The powerful motor is nearly silent, which is only one of the reasons it’s perfect for apartment living. Th 5-inch, backlit monitor allows users to clearly see where they are in their workouts being it monitores their speed, time, calories, distance and pulse. Finally, the ergonomic design features an extra wide running belt and anti-shock system to reduce the impact on a person’s knees. The foldable design and transportation wheels mean the machine is easily moved around from room to room, so users can workout wherever they want in their home. To ensure user safety, the machine has a security tag so the treadmill turns off if the user slips. Finally, the built in MP3 capabilities and speakers mean users can listen to their favorite music while working out.

Buying a treadmill doesn’t need to be a stressful process or cost thousands of dollars for a quality machine. The budget machines discussed above are perfect for anyone looking to push their workouts to the next level without spending thousands of dollars to do so. To further increase a user’s workout level, they should have a dedicated team of fitness experts behind them, something that can be insanely expensive for at home or gym sessions. That’s where Fitscope comes in. Combining the best of HIIT with treadmills, our workouts are guaranteed to blast fat and give you the same results (if not better) than what you will receive working out a fitness studio. Not ready to add a treadmill to your home gym collection? We understand. That’s why we also offer workouts for ellipticals, exercise bikes, and even equipment free yoga. Learn more here.

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