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FitnessOnDemand Brings Instructor Led Content to Cardio Equipment Workouts

FITSCOPE STUDIO Virtual Instructor Classes for Bike, Treadmill, Rowing, Elliptical Workouts in Club or at Home - available via FitnessOnDemand

MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Club operators who want to broaden their virtual offerings to members who work out at home or in their club with stationary or indoor bikes, rowing machines, ellipticals or treadmills now have a new instructor-led digital offering thanks to FitnessOnDemand and content partner Fitscope Studio.

New Fitscope virtual classes include 20-, 30- and 45-minute customized sessions led by some of L.A's top fitness instructors. Classes include high intensity workouts in the style of studio-cycling classes but are designed for a wide variety of traditional cardio equipment including treadmills, rowing and elliptical machines, in addition to indoor cycles. All classes are designed to work with any equipment brand by creating coaching that works with universal metrics and functionality. Classes can be taken in any order, at any time and streamed anywhere a member may be in the club: in a studio during off-peak, no-class hours or streamed to a smart phone or tablet wherever equipment is located.

"I started Fitscope Studio because I realized there's nothing that brings the approach or the intensity of instructor-led cycling workouts that people love to other equipment in the club," says Ed Stansfield, Founder of Fitscope Studio. "Every one of our instructor-led classes is all about bringing that high-intensity, muscle-toning and calorie-burning high you get from cycling in a studio to any piece of equipment anywhere in the gym. It's creating total freedom for members and a new kind of opportunity to bring value to club equipment, traditionally an under-served, under-supported segment of the fitness category."

The Fitscope channel is offering 40 classes to FitnessOnDemand club subscribers for members to use anywhere on club premises, available in studio, streaming to mobile devices around the club or at home via FLEX by FitnessOnDemand. Classes are filmed at Fitscope Studio's custom, downtown Los Angeles production hub to the highest quality standards with some of L.A's most well-known and leading fitness instructors.

"We're thrilled to help clubs and other fitness facilities bring this new approach to working out with cardio equipment to their clubs and members wherever they're working out," says Andrew Evenson, senior director, operations and brand strategy, FitnessOnDemand. "It's an innovative and exciting way for members to get an instructor guided, high-energy workout with whatever cardio equipment they happen to own at home – treadmill, elliptical or bike without the need to buy an expensive piece of equipment like a Peloton, for instance.

"For clubs it's also a great way to create a truly exceptional fitness experience for members whether they choose to take a group class or want the additional instruction, encouragement and high-intensity class experience on their own terms and own timelines."

Fitscope Studio is the brainchild of Ed Stansfield, a media industry veteran and entrepreneur with broad experience in producing and distributing fitness content as well as sports entertainment on cable television. For more information on Fitscope Studio visit

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