30 Minutes

30 Minutes

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30 Minutes
  • 30 Min Adv Strong Legs Workout

    Join Julia for this complete lower body workout. The entire leg muscle group is toned and strengthen with a combination of backward/forward intervals, standing calf raises, speed intervals and more. Incline is set at a constant 2% throughout. Soundtrack is an eclectic mix of hip hop, rock and ...

  • 30 Min 80s Speed & Resistance (NO INCLINES)

    In this beginner level elliptical workout, Meghan focuses on resistance and speed - NO inclines. Intervals consist of short bursts of speed and resistance followed by active recoveries, all to a pop and rock 80s soundtrack including Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Rick Astley and more

  • 30 Min Elliptical Bootcamp

    In this elliptical bootcamp class, Julia spends the first half of class on the elliptical guiding you through inclines and forward/reverse intervals. Second half of the class is on the floor with a light dumbbell workout to strengthen arms and tone abs.

  • 30 Min Beginner 80s Workout

    In this beginner level workout, Brinn mixes incline and decline sprints with modest resistance variations, all to a fun 80s soundtrack.

  • 30 Min 70s Inclines & Sprints

    In this intermediate level workout, Meghan starts the class with moderate inclines and resistance intervals, progressing to higher inclines. She wraps up with sprints on flat ground. Soundtrack is mostly 70s pop rock such as Heart and Kansas, although one 80s track crept in. See if you can gues...

  • 30 Min HIIT Incline Workout

    In this intermediate level HIIT elliptical workout, Julia guides you through a series of jogs, sprints and runs with modest inclines, punctuated with 2 min active recoveries . Soundtrack is indie rock and electronic.

  • 30 Min Combo Workout

    In this combination strength and endurance low impact workout, Meghan focuses the first half of the class on glutes and quads and second half on speedwork. For glutes and quads, she guides you through incline intervals. For speedwork, she mixes varying speeds and resistance levels to build endu...

  • 30 Min Power Inclines

    Join Meghan for this high energy, strength building elliptical machine workout. Meghan mixes jogging, running and sprinting intervals with inclines for a low-impact glutes and quads-focused workout.

  • 30 Min Backward/Forward Intervals

    Join Julia for this low impact elliptical workout structured around 3 min alternating backward and forward intervals. Julia keeps the incline constant at 7%, while progressively increasing resistance.

  • 30 Min Rolling Hills

    Join Meghan for this rolling hills interval workout. Making use of both resistance and inclines, this workout simulates going up and down rolling hills to a adult pop soundtrack.
    Class plan:
    5 min warmup
    23 min rolling hills
    2 min cool down

  • 30 Min 70s Intervals

    In this advanced level workout, Meghan makes use of both incline and resistance intervals, all to a 70s rock and pop soundtrack.
    Class Plan - 4 min warmup, 10 min resistance intervals, 10 min incline intervals, 3 min using both resistance and inclines, 3 min cool down

  • 30 Min Country HIIT Workout

    In this beginner workout Brinn uses a mix of intervals and inclines for a fun low impact workout, all to classic country tracks including George Strait, Hank Williams Jr and others

  • 30 Min Strong Leg Intervals (NO INCLINES)

    In this advanced level workout, Meghan mixes forward and backward intervals with progressive resistance increases for a complete leg workout, hitting quads, calves, hamstrings and glutes. Soundtrack: Indie pop.
    Class Plan:
    5 min warmup
    24 min forward/backward intervals w/ 1 min recoveries
    1 ...

  • 30 Min 70s Pop & Rock Workout

    Join Brinn for this comfortable mix of resistance & incline intervals for a low impact, full body workout, to 70s hits from Van Morrison, Stevie Wonder, the Eagles and more.

  • 30 Min 60s Intermediate Workout

    In this low impact interval workout, Brinn mixes it up with inclines and resistance intervals, all to classic 60s hits including The Beach Boys, Marvin Gay, Sonny & Cher and more.