Watch this video and more on Fitscope

Watch this video and more on Fitscope

20 Min Incline & Resistance Intervals

20 Minutes

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  • 20 Min Tabata Intervals

    Join Julia for this tabata-inspired interval workout (2x work 1x recovery). Julia guides you through jogging, running and sprinting on the elliptical for an advanced level workout. Soundtrack is a variety of classic and alternative rock.

  • 20 Min Reverse Incline Workout

    In this advanced beginner level low impact workout, Meghan uses a reverse progression of incline intervals to address both strength and endurance. Meghan starts the class with short intervals at maximum incline which are gradually flattened out as the intervals become longer.

  • 20 min Beginner intervals

    Join Julia for this beginner level elliptical workout as Julia guides you through a variety of incline and resistance intervals. Julia alternates between increasing the resistance while decreasing the incline, and vice versa.