Watch this video and more on Fitscope

Watch this video and more on Fitscope

45 Min One Hit Wonders Ride


Up Next in Experienced

  • 25 Min Rhythm Ride

    Join Julia for this short but intense 25 min rhythm ride. If you only have 25 minutes, but you want to make it count, this is the ride for you. Julia "pulls no punches" on this short but intense rhythm ride to current pop hits.

  • 60 Min Power Ride

    Join David for this 60 minute advanced power ride with long progressive hills, steady-state flats and intense intervals. David is a big believer in stats, so get ready for rpms and more. Soundtrack: current house remixes.
    Class plan:
    3 min warmup
    55 min ride
    2 min cool down

  • 30 Min Adv Rhythm Ride

    In this advanced level rhythm ride, Julia gives you both a cardio and strength workout. Expect to spend most of the ride out of the saddle. Soundtrack: current pop hits
    Class Plan:
    3 min warmup
    26 min ride
    1 min cool down