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Watch this video and more on Fitscope

45 Min Rhythm Ride

45 Minutes

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  • 45 Min Adv Power Ride

    Let David take you through this advanced power ride with long progressive hills, steady-state flats and intense intervals. David is a big believer in stats, so get ready for rpms and more. Motivating indie house soundtrack will inspire you to bring up the intensity, melting away those unwanted c...

  • 45 Min Choreo Ride

    Join Julia for this 45-minute challenging and exhilarating ride that is great for building core and lower body strength. Julia rides mostly out of the saddle and loves choreo! Soundtrack includes current hits from Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Lil Nas, Billie Eilish and more.
    This ride will challenge...

  • 45 Min Power Ride

    Join David and climb heavy hills, sprint through fast flats, jog up-and-down over mixed terrains. Plus in this class David gives a lot of good tips and form instruction. Soundtrack is house remixes including tracks from Queen, Katy Perry and more.