Watch this video and more on Fitscope

Watch this video and more on Fitscope

30 Min Rhythm Ride

30 Minutes

Up Next in 30 Minutes

  • 30 Min Seated Beg Ride

    Join Brinn for this beginner ride entirely in the saddle. Brinn guides you through an interval ride that alternates between fast flats and heavy climbs, all while seated. Great beginner ride or good for anybody wanting a low impact ride. Soundtrack is funky R and B and blues.

  • 30 Min Power Ride

    Join David for this efficient and effective 30 min power ride. In this intervals-driven class, David takes you through progressive hills, steady-state flats and of course intense intervals. Music includes a lot of hip hop.

    Class Plan:
    4 min warmup
    26 min ride

  • 30 Min 90s Beg Rhythm Ride

    In this adv beginner level rhythm ride, Meghan gives you a cardio, strength and core workout all in 30 min! Meghan explains all positions so great class for beginner and intermediate riders alike.
    Soundtrack: 90s pop
    Class Plan:
    3 min warmup
    30 min ride