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  • 50 Min Root Chakra

    Root yourself! Life can sometimes leave us feeling anxious, stressed, and ungrounded. Flow through this root chakra sequence (also known as 1st Chakra) to feel grounded with a deep sense of purpose and belonging. You'll warm up your body, build strength, and feel a deep opening in the hips.

  • 25 Min Sacral Chakra Opening

    Filmed on Valentines Day! Find balance in the Sacral Chakra, your creative center. Located a few inches below the navel, this chakra houses your sensuality, and when in balance, allows you to feel and deeply embrace the world around you. Recommended Props: mat and 1 block

  • 50 Min Sacral Chakra

    Find the fire in your belly in this lower abdomen-focused class, knows as the Sacral Charkra or 2nd Chakra.
    Recommended props: 2 blocks

  • 50 Min Solar Plexus Chakra

    Flow through 50 minutes with a focus on the core, abdomen and back muscles, also known as the Solar Plexus Chakra or 3rd Chakra.
    Recommended props: 2 blocks and a blanket

  • 50 Min Heart Chakra

    Open your heart to love and abundance in this sequence focused on opening your chest and upper back, also known as the Heart Chakra or 4th Charkra.
    Recommended props: 2 blocks, a blanket and a strap