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  • 30 Min Tread & Bodyweight Bootcamp

    In this treadmill bootcamp class, David mixes a treadmill run with a bodyweight strength-building session for upper body. Class plan: 10 min on treadmill, 15 min bodyweight exercises on the floor, close with 5 min on treadmill. Bodyweight exercises will tone arms, chest & abs.

  • 30 Min Incline Jog w/ Dumbbells

    Join Sal for this mixed incline and dumbbell jogging interval workout. Sal starts with 5 min walking warmup then progresses to power walking inclines with dumbbells (for a arm workout). She moves into a 5 min jog punctuated with another 5 min power walking/incline with dumbbells and concludes w...

  • 25 Min Resist Band Squats & Walk

    Join Sal for this advanced level power walking and squat workout using resistance bands. Sal wears a resistance band around her thighs as she power walks utilizing inclines, punctuated with squat intervals. Can be done with or without the resistance band. Great lower body strength building rout...