Watch this video and more on Fitscope

Watch this video and more on Fitscope

25 Min Post-Workout Stretch Flow


Up Next in Beginner

  • 50 Min Meditation Prep

    One of the reasons Yoga poses were developed was to be able to sit in meditation for longer periods of time without discomfort. We'll open and strengthen those areas that tend to get tight, like the upper back and hips, and I'll guide you through a brief meditation at the end. Excellent class fo...

  • 50 Min Root Chakra

    Root yourself! Life can sometimes leave us feeling anxious, stressed, and ungrounded. Flow through this root chakra sequence (also known as 1st Chakra) to feel grounded with a deep sense of purpose and belonging. You'll warm up your body, build strength, and feel a deep opening in the hips.

  • 25 Min Sciatica Healing

    Beginner sequence for sciatica - low back and sciatica discomfort don't have to rule your life! Flow through this accessible sequence for some sciatic relief.
    Recommended Props: 2 blocks and yoga strap