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  • 15 Min Bodyweight Arms

    In this no-equipment workout, Vince focuses on arm exercises. He starts with a warmup, progresses through a variety of arm and shoulder routines on the mat, and finishes with stretching. Soundtrack is hip hop.

  • 15 Min Strong Arms Workout

    A concentrated workout to get the blood rushing in those arms. Focuses on shoulders, biceps and triceps.
    Recommended equip: bench & dumbbells

  • 13 Min Upper Body w/ Dumbbells

    Join Vince for a quick upper body session focusing on chest, shoulders & arms utilizing dumbbells. After a few warmup stretching exercises, Vince moves into power pushups, then a series of dumbbell exercises as follows: 6 point raises, standing bicep curls and overhead tricep extensions.

  • 22 Min Upper Body - Arms, Shoulders & Core

    Join Vince for an intensive upper body workout focusing on arms, shoulders & core. Vince uses resistance bands for shoulders, dumbbells and kettlebells for arms & chest, and a medicine ball for an intense core workout.
    Recommended equipment: bench, slam ball & kettlebells and/or dumbbells, resist...