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  • 15 Min HIIT Ladder

    In this intermediate level workout, David takes you up and down a "ladder" with progressively longer then shorter intervals with active recoveries in between.

  • 15 Min Beg Sprints

    In this beginner level Airbike workout, Julia gradually increases HIIT sprints from 5 - 15 seconds, with active recoveries in between.

  • 10 Min HIIT Sprints

    In this short but intense workout, David guides you through 100% effort 1 min sprints with active recoveries in between.

  • 20 Min Beg HIIT

    Join Julia for this advanced beginner HIIT workout on an airbike. Julia uses a mix of jogs, runs and sprints on the airbike to give you a total body workout that both builds strength and burns fat.

  • 20 Pyramid HIIT Workout

    Join David on the airbike for a pyramid-style HIIT workout. David takes you through three 5 min long interval pyramids structured as 15 sec/30 sec/45 sec/30 sec/15 sec. Each work interval is followed by a short break.