Watch this video and more on Fitscope

Watch this video and more on Fitscope

25 Min Post-Workout Stretch Flow

25 Minutes

Up Next in 25 Minutes

  • 25 Min Sciatica Healing

    Beginner sequence for sciatica - low back and sciatica discomfort don't have to rule your life! Flow through this accessible sequence for some sciatic relief.
    Recommended Props: 2 blocks and yoga strap

  • 25 Min Open Shoulder

    Tight shoulders? Find relief and openness in this sequence, designed to release common tension up there.
    Props: 1 strap and block

  • 25 Min Meditation Prep

    Target the areas of the body that get tight when you sit up - hips, upper back - and maybe get still in meditation for a few. Music by Kevin MacLeod. Recommended props: mat and 2 blocks