25 Minutes

25 Minutes

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25 Minutes
  • 25 Min Yoga for Cyclists

    Join Alessandra for this special yoga class designed to address pain issues common for cyclists. Recommended props: 2 blocks, blanket and strap

  • 25 Min Flow for Scoliosis Part I

    Explore what movement your spine needs, and find strength and length to it towards alignment. No props

  • 25 Min Restorative Yoga

    Rest and restore in this restorative sequence. Restorative implies that we'll just be finding comfortable postures on props and holding them for a few minutes at a time. It's your time to chill out.
    Recommended props: 2 blocks, 2 blankets, a strap, and a bolster.

  • 25 Min Strong & Open Legs

    Strengthen and stretch all sides of your legs.
    Props: 2 blocks

  • 25 Min Beginner Twists

    Wring out and detoxify your whole body in this twisting sequence.
    Props: 2 blocks

  • 25 Min Beginner Core

    Fire up your belly! Intense core work - no props needed!

  • 25 Min Find Your Balance

    Find your balance in this short sequence where we'll build up to Vrksasana, also called Tree pose. This posture not only helps to tone the legs, but also gives us a sense of balance and poise, both inside and out.
    Props: 2 blocks

  • 25 Min Feel the Love

    Filmed on Valentine's Day! Open your heart and learn to gently backbend to receive the benefits of opening your chest, and upper back, including a deeper capacity to love! Life asks that we hunch often (cars, kids, phones, etc), which can block off our confidence and ability to be present with ...

  • 25 Min Sacral Chakra Opening

    Filmed on Valentines Day! Find balance in the Sacral Chakra, your creative center. Located a few inches below the navel, this chakra houses your sensuality, and when in balance, allows you to feel and deeply embrace the world around you. Recommended Props: mat and 1 block

  • 25 Min Warrior Flow

    Open your hips, strengthen your legs, and find your confidence and power in this Warrior sequence, where we'll visit Warriors 1 and 2.
    Props: 2 blocks and strap and possibly a blanket (although not required)

  • 25 Min Open Your Hips

    Tight hips? Open your hips in all directions in this 25-min flow.
    Recommended props: mat and 2 blocks

  • 25 Min Sun Salutation A

    Break down the components of Sun Salutation A, and learn to connect movement with breath, meditating in motion. Great beginner class or for experienced yogis who to revisit the basics
    Recommended props: none other than a mat

  • 25 Min Sun Salutation B

    Break down the component parts of Sun Salutation B. We'll build some heat and open the psoas muscles (front hips). Music by Kevin MacLeod. Recommended props: mat and 2 blocks

  • 25 Min Post-Run Stretch

    Are you a runner? Your body needs a stretch! Give yourself the time to recover in this 25-min post-run stretch session
    Recommended Props: 2 blocks and yoga strap

  • 25 Min Post-Workout Stretch Flow

    Join Alessandra for this post-workout stretch flow, perfect to stretch out muscles after any vigorous activity.
    Recommended props: mat, 2 blocks and yoga strap

  • 25 Min Sciatica Healing

    Beginner sequence for sciatica - low back and sciatica discomfort don't have to rule your life! Flow through this accessible sequence for some sciatic relief.
    Recommended Props: 2 blocks and yoga strap

  • 25 Min Open Shoulder

    Tight shoulders? Find relief and openness in this sequence, designed to release common tension up there.
    Props: 1 strap and block

  • 25 Min Meditation Prep

    Target the areas of the body that get tight when you sit up - hips, upper back - and maybe get still in meditation for a few. Music by Kevin MacLeod. Recommended props: mat and 2 blocks

  • 25 Min Backbend Flow

    Strengthen your spine for maximum longevity and length in this accessible, but powerful backbending sequence. If you experience low back pain, these backbends can help!
    Props: 2 blocks