15 Minutes

15 Minutes

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15 Minutes
  • 15 Min Bodyweight Leg Workout

    In this no-equipment workout, Vince Bow focuses on quads and glutes. He starts with a warmup, then progresses through 3 large muscle group exercises before shifting to hip mobility movements. He finishes with stretching. No equipment needed but a mat might be helpful.

  • 15 Min Bodyweight Arms

    In this no-equipment workout, Vince focuses on arm exercises. He starts with a warmup, progresses through a variety of arm and shoulder routines on the mat, and finishes with stretching. Soundtrack is hip hop.

  • 15 Min Legs w/ Kettlebells

    Using a kettlebell, Vince targets glutes and quads with hip and knee dominate movements.
    Recommended equipment: kettlebells or can substitute dumbbells

  • 15 Min Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

    Using dumbbells and a bench, Vince uses push movements for a complete chest, shoulder and triceps workout.
    Recommended equipment: dumbbells and bench

  • 14 Min Stretch

    Using just a mat, Vince focuses on dynamic movements and stretches to prepare the body for an intense workout. Great as prep for more strenuous activity like cycling or advanced Strength Training.

  • 15 Min Bodyweight Core & Legs

    Core and leg workout to activate your abs, obliques, quads and glutes. No equipment needed, although a mat would make it more comfortable.

  • 15 Min Resistance Band Hip & Leg Work

    Join Vince for a hip and leg workout utilizing bodyweight exercises as well as resistance bands. Vince exercises all leg muscles including glutes, quads and calves.
    Recommended Equipment: several resistance bands in varying lengths

  • 15 Min Shoulders w/ Dumbbells

    Join Vince for a complete shoulder workout using dumbbells.
    Recommended equipment: dumbbells

  • 15 Min Strong Arms Workout

    A concentrated workout to get the blood rushing in those arms. Focuses on shoulders, biceps and triceps.
    Recommended equip: bench & dumbbells

  • 15 Min Full Body Kettlebell

    An intense full body strength building workout completed with a kettlebell.
    Vince guides you through a variety of kettlebell exercises that target chest, arms, back, core, glutes and quads.
    Recommended equip: Mat & kettlebell

  • 15 Min Core & Legs

    Join Vince for a 15 min core and leg focused workout. Vince guides you through a squat punch (using dumbbells) then a variety of bodyweight exercises including: split jumps-knee tucks, duckwalks, frog squats and Plyo lunges. Intense workout of core, glutes and quads.
    Optional equip: light dumbbells

  • 15 Min Core Blast w/ Slam Ball

    An intense core workout that will strengthen your abs and obliques. Sets will be in timed intervals coupled with active periods of rest.
    Recommended equipment: Mat and slam ball

  • 15 Min Chest w/ Dumbbells

    Join Vince for a fast but intense chest dumbbell workout to rap & hip hop.
    Vince targets your chestk shoulders and triceps with dumbbell presses, flyes and tricep dips.
    Recommended equipment: dumbbells and bench

  • 14 Min Full Body Dumbbells

    Join Vince for a 14 min full body workout that will exercise chest, arms, core and legs.
    Recommended equip: bench & dumbbells

  • 13 Min Resistance Tube Bands

    Join Vince for a 13 min full body toning workout utilizing resistance tube bands.

  • 13 Min Upper Body w/ Dumbbells

    Join Vince for a quick upper body session focusing on chest, shoulders & arms utilizing dumbbells. After a few warmup stretching exercises, Vince moves into power pushups, then a series of dumbbell exercises as follows: 6 point raises, standing bicep curls and overhead tricep extensions.

  • 14 Min Back Workout w/ Dumbbells

    Join Vince for a fast but thorough back workout. After a brief set of warmup stretches, Vince utilizes a variety of dumbbell movements to workout all the back muscle groups.
    Class plan: bend over rows, high pulls, hammer curls, reverse fly and snatches.
    Recommended equipment: dumbbells

  • 13 Min Legs w/ Dumbbells & Slam Ball

    Join Coach Vince for this short but intense leg workout using dumbbells and slam ball. Vince focuses on quads and glutes through a series of squats and leg balances for a total leg workout.

  • 14 Min Core with Slam Ball

    Quick and intense core workout with Vince. Vince's routine includes planks, V-splits, weighted situps, ball slams.
    Equipment - mat, slam ball and dumbbells (optional)

  • 14 Min Core w/ Slam Ball and Dumbbells

    Join Vince for a quick core focused session using a slam ball, medicine ball and dumbbells guaranteed to tighten up your abs. Vince hits major core muscle groups including abdominals, obliques and lower back.
    Class plan: scapular pushups, shoulder taps, hip crossovers, hip raises, 1 arm sit-up...